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Ghostlight Manor

Choose your beam, take aim, and shine to reveal and scare away monsters in this ghoulishly clever strategic puzzle game! You'll need to pay close attention to which beams you use and which monsters you reveal to survive the trip to Ghostlight Manor.

You've inherited the family estate, but even just saying the name of the manor house fills you with dread… like a dry whisper across the grave, it chills your bones… Ghostlight. And if inheriting a creepy mansion wasn't enough, you need to walk through graveyards, swamps, and treacherous mountains to claim it! No roads lead to the manor.

Each monster has a unique ability, and they'll work together to thwart your attempts to scare them away… but fortunately you have some in-game friends to help you! Lightbot is your robot sidekick, and it loves to be helpful by shining its powerful lights on the creatures of the night to frighten them away. Some friendly cats have tagged along as well to keep the ghosts at bay. Good kitty!


  • Journey through 51 diabolically clever and increasingly challenging levels
  • Higher levels unlock unique game modes that combine for the ultimate bonus challenges
  • Use different types of light beams to accomplish different tasks
  • Earn in-game achievements and discover secret areas along the path to the manor
  • Scare away groups of monsters with a single flash of your beam for combo bonuses

  • Published Nov 03, 2015
    AuthorNybble Studios
    GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Strategy
    Tagsachievement, Arcade, cat, easy, family, fun, game

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