Compo Submission for Ludum Dare 41. April 20th - 22nd 2018

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Download Source Code: here (Available April 22nd 2018)

Your Name is TEBARKNF (The 'NF' Is Silent), A Good Old Fashion Family Name With Hardy Roots! You Are A Hard Working Farmin' Alien. To Protect Your Dying Race You Set Out To Cultivate and Harvest Flower Farms For Your People.

--- Directions ---

Use your mouse to move the clouds around the flowers. 

Please Read 'HOW TO' in game for better play description

  • Rain Clouds - Blocks Sun but provide rain.
  • Normal Clouds - Block Sun
  • Acid Clouds - Reduces Rain and Sun
  • Butterfly - Provides Sun and Rain To Your Weakest Plant
  • Bugs - Chomp and reduce Sun & Rain From Your Healthiest Plant

By Nybble Studios