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A most brave and valiant knight beats a path through the cursed garden to rescue his beloved princess trapped in her castle. He bursts forth into the room, wearing nothing but his underdrawers, but proceeding to proclaim most nobly, Im here to save you fair maiden! Whereupon, he stumbles and falls flat on his face.

The princess surveys the scene, disappointed at this lackluster rescue and not a stitch of shining armor to be found. Nevertheless, she acknowledges his quest and what little pride he has left. Taking matters into her own hands, she must now conquer the gardens to save her prince not-so-charming! I mean, A for effort, right?!

I am slightly happy with the outcome, the sounds are REALLY bad, and the art is forced and simple. Next time I need to scale down my scope as much as possible. a little too hopeful(typical of LD)

I hope you have some fun for what it is, I wish everyone the best of luck and have fun rating games.

WASD to move
Left Mouse to shoot
Find all the keys in the dungeon and escape with your life (and the Knights life too i guess...)
If you die, you lose. If the knight dies, you lose. Keep it alive!

Thanks for playing, I hope everyone had a great ludum dare 46!

Ludum Dare Results

Overall: 721st (3.229 average from 26 ratings)

Fun: 620th (3.167 average from 26 ratings)

Innovation: 759th (3 average from 26 ratings)

Theme: 697th (3.479 average from 26 ratings)

Graphics: 769th (3.042 average from 26 ratings)

Humor: 601st (2.565 average from 25 ratings)

Mood: 791st (2.854 average from 26 ratings)


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