1 Moon, 4-Levels, and 60 Worlds. Can you survive?

A collection and growth game developed within 48 hours for Ludum Dare #38. Play as Moon, the lovable Circle. Grow Moon by collecting smaller worlds while avoiding Large Worlds, Comets, and Asteroids.

Keyboard Move: Arrows Up, Down, Left, Right

Controller Move: Left Joy-stick

Music By: RutgerMuller (

LD35 Game by, Brandan Haertel & Gary Mixson

Ludum Dare Results

Overall: 510th (3.148 average from 29 ratings)

Fun: 210th (3.5 average from 30 ratings)

Innovation: 696th (2.333 average from 29 ratings)

Theme: 487th (3.222 average from 29 ratings)

Graphics: 590th (2.857 average from 30 ratings)

Humor: 420th (2.481 average from 29 ratings)

Mood: 501st (3 average from 29 ratings)


Download 14 MB
MoonEatMoon_0-1-3.apk 21 MB

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Unzip and Enjoy

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