Ludum Dare 52 COMPO  

Kiru, Better known as "Sparkle Slime Mushroom Man" (Thanks kids) is your average FIRE DEMON on a comfortable stroll through the woods to harvest the natural Slimes and Mushrooms in the area.


use your mouse to direct the demons trajectory

Collect slimes for 3 points, or mushrooms for 8 points each.


pickup power ups to increase your score:

  • Bomb - explodes all nearby slimes and mushrooms and gives you the points.
  • Grow (Burger) - Kiru gets 2x the size!
  • Magnet - Slimes are attracted to you and move in your direction (if close enough)
  • Score Multiplier (Basket) - 2x the points for each slime and mushroom collected for a period of time.

Power ups are random drops. Power ups stack!

most importantly, I hope you have fun playing my game.


Ludum Dare Results

Overall: 219th (3.275 average from 22 ratings)

Fun: 249th (3.025 average from 22 ratings)

Innovation: 256th (2.975 average from 22 ratings)

Theme: 260th (3.19 average from 23 ratings)

Graphics: 74th (4.024 average from 23 ratings)

Humor: 196th (2.528 average from 20 ratings)

Mood: 240th (2.974 average from 21 ratings)


LD Jam 52_SSMM 06 27 MB

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